What do IPTV Boxes really do?

All these wonderful IPTV boxes will provide you immediately access to over hundreds of stations without using a Satellite Dish. By plugging in those boxes into your internet link and linking them to a TV set you'll be able to catch up on Live TV Stations and more.

The majority of the IPTV boxes include ready installed applications like Youtube, Netflix, Skype and a whole lot more. This may turn your TV into a media TV without needing to do any installation or setup from your own end.

Getting Started with your IPTV Box

IPTV Boxes for example the RAVO IPTV box is ready installed and configured for you so that you won't need to do anything. The RAVO IPTV Box includes all the needed cables and attachments, join the HDMI cable into your TV.

Next plug the electricity adapter to the power socket and connect it to a RAVO IPTV box. Use the remote controller supplied (that includes batteries) to change on the box.

The first time you'll change on the box it will automatically download and upgrade your RAVO TV box to the most recent RAVO Android program and also the RAVO Channels listing will update automatically.

Linking to the internet

Next step would be to link your own RAVO TV box into the internet link; this is either done with your WIFI link or the Ethernet link.

To link to the WiFi link you would have to enable the WiFi in your own box by going into the setup tab and picking WiFI link, input your WiFi password and you'll be connected within minutes.

If you decide to connect to a Router working with an Ethernet Cable, just connect the Ethernet cable for your RAVO IPTV Box and connect the cable into your Router or Switch and the link will be immediately.