Ottawa deep tissue massage- what is it and it benefits?

ottawa deep tissue massage therapy has many benefits to offer. Massage therapies have been utilized for thousands of years to treat both physical and mental stress. The study shows that the therapy is effective to treat conditions likes’ anxiety, arthritis, and lower back pain. The main aim of the therapy is to reduce pain, discomfort and heal the body. The therapy relaxes the body, release muscles that got stuck in uncomfortable situations. Let’s explore about this deep tissue massage therapy and how it relaxes the body and mind.

What is Ottawa deep tissue massage therapy?
The therapy involves the manipulation of tissues in deep layers of the body including supportive tissue and fascia that make muscles and joints. Compared to other therapies that are lighter and involve the movements of body parts in certain positions, deep tissue massage is slower and firmer.
The person receiving this therapy lays on back or stomach, and deep pressure is applied to the targeted areas by a therapist. It relieves muscle tension and stimulates the body flow, and at the same time, it lowers the psychological stress and happy hormones like oxytocin and serotonin are released. The Ottawa deep tissues massage therapy focuses on the major group of muscles- such as lower back or neck along with tendons and joints. Certain body areas like shoulders, hips, necks that tense up during stress get relief from this massage.

Its benefits include:
• Cure Chronic back pain- DTM or deep tissue massage treats chronic back pain efficiently in comparison to other therapeutic massages.
• Reduces High blood pressure- adults with high blood pressure symptoms get positive effects from this Ottawa deep tissue massage- It also shows good results in the treatment of arterial blood pressure, diastolic and systolic.
• Reduces muscle tension, stress and anxiety- inflammation caused by the muscle tension and chronic stress leads to worse health and reduce immune function. DTM causes the reduction in cortisol level and boosts the oxytocin production that provides the soothing effects.
So, Ottawa deep tissues massage offers these benefit and natural relief from physical and mental pain to the body, and hence people suffering from these can opt for DTM.