How video game affects mental health?

Video games are worldwide popular and therefore people have strong opinions about it. Some favours them while other criticises. However, no matter in what category a person falls, it can’t be denied that the video game industry is increasing in millions every year, be it’s in number of people playing or the money involved in the market. From quite a long time, there is a confusion among people that how video game affects mental health? The answer is in both sense, positive as well as negative.

Recent studies have shown that video games can actually help to reduce the stress. Playing video games also changes how our brain react in different situations. For example, the people who play video games are supposed to be more attentive. Moreover, they require less efforts to stay focused on some work. These two points are proven to be true in scientific studies. Video games also help to enhance visuospatial skills. The visuospatial skills are basically the ability to visually observe the spatial relationship between different objects. Playing video games also helps to improve cognitive control. Cognitive control includes working memory, switching between different tasks, etc. In simple language, playing video games affects our brain and mental health in a lot more positive manner than expected. However, the most important thing that video games lovers should keep in mind while playing any game is not to get addicted. If played in moderation, video games help to de-stress.

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