The evolution of mankind to cars and garages

We came from apes
Humanity is evolved to a point which has become unrecognizable from the standards where we started. It is believed that humans are descendants of apes.
We were nothing but animals with a slightly greater intelligence than other creatures that inhabited the jungles of the planet. We slowly started growing in intelligence and began to start thinking. We started getting organized and changing from animals to the humans that we know today. We began in caves and forests. There was no concept of families or kingdoms or nations. We used to go wherever would be the best option for us in terms of survival; moving from one place to another frequently if necessary.

We used to hunt for food and to survive. Meat did not use to be a luxury or a special food item; it used to be the nutrition we needed to survive. Bands of men used to group up and go out with weapons looking for their food. The women used to venture into the forests to look for forage and to assist the men in their hunting. The women usually stayed in caves and gave birth to the young ones and took care of them till they became big enough to take care of themselves. And the meat? We used to simply the cut the animal and eat it raw. It took a bit of a time for some pioneer to finally discover fire and introduce us to cooked food.
After fire, considered the greatest discovery in human history, came the wheel. It made everything easier starting in the prehistoric age. Men at that time used wheels to replace manual labor and make everything easier. They were used in construction and many small and big inventions. Today they have become an inseparable part of human civilization becoming one of the most basic needs in our life. They are used to run cars and modes of transports among many other things.

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