Check out the semakan brim 2018 in detail

What is brim 2018? Well, before you know about the 2018 programme, let’s date back to immediate history. In the year 2018, the then Malaysian government introduced a program known as Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia to help the lower income people afford the high cost of living. A lot of people, who didn’t have a proper income, were benefited from this program. No more people had to worry about high cost living. Now, this program is extended to 2018 and will continue offering aids to these people. Let’s take a close look at the scheme.

Br1m 2018 in brief
The program was introduced by prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to help the financial people afford high living costs. As part of this program, the government gave away a onetime RM 500 BR1M assistance to the eligible people. It was also declared that as long as the program continues, eligible people will keep receiving the fund. This helped a lot of homeless people, individuals, and low earning people. Now, the people of Malaysia are happy to know that the br1m 2018 will continue.
Eligibility criteria
The scheme is developed to assist the people who lead a household. Let’s see who could use this scheme.
• Senior citizens
• Single father or mother
• Individual with dependencies
• Married people, whether living separate or with parents
• The income of a person must be lower than RM 4000 to be eligible for this scheme

Though a beneficial program, br1m has often landed in controversy due to the involvement of politics and third party interference. Also, a lot of people argues that assisting people with money will only make them dependent forever. So they asked for better alternatives. You need to check out the semakan br1m 2018 for more details.